Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Night Noodle Markets 2013, Hyde Park

The Ramen Burger Revolution finally hits Sydney! 

Ramen Burger (classic beef) - $12.50

Making it's first appearances at Night Noodle Markets as part of Good Food Month presented by On Ramen. I love this time of month because it's the time "high end" restaurants showcase their menu and are more affordable = MORE FOOD ADVENTURESS! = budget life.

I visited Night Noodle Markets on a Friday night about 6:30PM and by that time it was already packed. There were no tables available and people were marking their territories on the open grass areas. As hungry as we were, we decided to walk around and see what there was on offer. Our first meal was the Ramen Burger, however it took roughly 25-30 minutes wait until we actually received our meal after ordering.

Ramen Burger
In comparison to price, the burger itself is quite small. You can see you also receive a small amount of salad which is tomato, carrot and lettuce. Alongside the salad are small pieces of watermelon to have after devouring the burger. The Ramen Burger consists of a juicy beef patty, lettuce, spanish onion, chilli sauce and tangy mayonnaise between crunchy layers of ramen topped with sesame seeds. It is one delicious piece of work! Definitely something to try out if you're keen and willing to pay $12.50 for this.

Unfortunately this was the only photo I took from my visit at the Night Noodle Markets. Will definitely try to visit once more! You can find out more about the Ramen Burger here. For more information about the event, visit here.

Tam x

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