Friday, November 8, 2013

Dog Dog Japon, Sydney

Dog Dog Japon

Stumbled across this store after I was on a bus heading towards the bus stop at Events cinemas on George St. There was an employee holding a sign with photos of Japanese style hot dogs in front of Skyview Plaza. The store is located inside Skyview plaza across from Menya Oiden. The store itself looks so colourful and retro, it's cute.

It's hard to see in the photo but they offer regular and mini sizes for their hot dogs - means you can try twice as many varieties before you're full! From what I've been told, they offer more variety than Chanoma at Regents Place.

Yakisoba Hot Dog ($6.90)
Cheese Hot Dog ($6.60)
There's curried onions, sausage, Bolognese sauce and cheese. Weird combination together but didn't taste so bad. But by the time I finished eating, all I could taste was curry.

Chips with Mentaiko Butter ($4.90)
LOVE thick cut chips! The mentaiko butter was inside the container and to enjoy it, you spread the butter over the chips and it instantly melts. Couldn't taste the flavour of mentaiko at all because they were overpowered by pepper unfortunately. Would definitely prefer to try out other flavours they offer like wasabi mayo. I would probably try this place out again. Their layout is so cute and inviting. They also have drinks like salted caramel shake and lemon honey (not sure of the proper name).

Tam x

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