Monday, November 4, 2013

The White Hart, Neutral Bay

Deconstructed Cocktail High Tea

Pictured above is a Three-Tiered Deconstructed Cocktail High Tea for four people ($75). Found this deal from Groupon and we bought 2 coupons for 8 people. I'm afraid I can't tell you what we were provided with but on the bottom tier, there was a pot of chocolate soil with absinthe gummy worms and 2 sorbets. Everything on the tiers were alcoholic so unfortunately if you plan to drive, someone will miss out!

There are certain periods of time where you are able to book to enjoy the high tea. We booked on a Friday and it was only available from 4-5PM. At that time, there was plenty of parking in front which was metered. The eight of us were seated inside close to the window facing outside where we waited for our cocktail high tea experience to begin. We had no idea what to expect. Between 8 people, we had 4 tiers given out to share. We were also given "special" tea which to our surprised found out it was long island tea.

So here are a few close ups I took :)

TOP TIER (equivalent to Entree)

Damn it's blurry :( 

This is actually jelly with foam - think it was Vodka jelly
 MIDDLE TIER (equivalent to main)

This one is like marshmallow and is sweet!

This was a bit spicy - unfortunately I don't remember what was surrounded around the foam

BOTTOM TIER (equivalent to dessert)

Chocolate soil
2 different sorbet - the far right one had coconut and is the best one
Unfortunately blurry :( but tastes like coffee

Cute tea sets!

It was a really enjoyable experience. Something really different and fun! Would definitely recommend this to anyone interested and I would definitely come back again. I found out that they also do deconstructed cocktail high tea on weekends as well. You can have a read below :)

Tam x

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