Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chat Thai, Westfields Sydney

So after late night shopping around Westfields Sydney for a gift for my friend's girlfriend, my mate and I had a late dinner at Chat Thai. It was quite crowded and we had to wait around 30 minutes before our turn. Their service is relatively quick despite how many waiters/waitresses there are.

Yakult Blended Ice ($5)
 Tastes just like Yakult! Except a lot colder haha. Definitely recommend trying this even though you could easily get this from any supermarket. BUT this has ice and is a MUCH larger size!

Khao Padt ($14)
Khao Padt is fried rice with eggs, chicken and chinese kale. It's not bad, it's like a comfort food but I find it a bit oily for my liking.



I actually went back to Chat Thai the next day cause I had a girl's day out. We initially wanted to meet up to get some Zonuts @ Adriano Zumbo Patisserie but we had JUST missed out! :( So we ventured to Westfields for lunch after the girls had seen my instagram post of the yakult blended ice drink (above).

Nahm Lum Yai (Iced Longan Cordial with Longan Drink)

Nahm Lum Yai 
This drink is quite sweet. It tastes similar to the longans you can get in the cans from asian groceries. Other than that I don't think its quite unique. Definitely for those who enjoy longans.

Khao Na Gai Yaang ($12.50)

Khao Na Gai Yaang ($12.50)
Khao Na Gai Yaang is grilled tumeric and lemongrass chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish on rice. The chicken is soo good! It's not dry and you keep going for more!

Khao Na Bped ($15)

Khao Na Bped ($15)
Khao Na Bped is roasted duck with ginger and duck gravy with rice. The gravy is AMAZING! Don't get me wrong, the roasted duck is good too but the gravy was something I never had tried before. It is creamy and spicy. I couldn't help but continue eating haha. Seriously recommend trying the gravy on this. The roasted duck is moist and a bit salty for my liking but good protein :)

Young Coconut Jelly
The jelly had pieces of young coconut in it which made the jelly seem more fresh. The jelly itself is sweet but not overly sweet and has a nice coconut fragrance.

Tup Tim Grob ($6.50)
I THINK this was what was ordered. Otherwise correct me if I'm wrong! It is tapioca coated water chestnuts in an aromatic syrup with fresh coconut milk and roasted peanuts. I think there was also pieces of jackfruit but I honestly don't remember.

I enjoy eating here every time. Chat Thai doesn't fail to disappoint me and their constant long queues justify this. Would definitely be my go to Thai restaurant at the moment.

Tam x

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