Monday, October 24, 2011

First Timer


So this is my first time creating, and actually posting, on a blog. I did actually make other blogs a few years ago but mainly to play around with templates and didnt actually post anything.
To start off, I'm currently 19 years old from Sydney Australia and I'm in my first year of uni doing a Bachelor of Health Science degree (which is almost ending! Yay!). I have 3 dogs who are named: Tyson, Chiko and Fluffy. And to end, I live with my parents and have one younger sister who is in year 12 now.

My objective for this blog is to just post up things about myself, my studies, what I do on a daily basis, etc. So yeah, if youre reading this give me a comment of what you want to know about me or ask me anything.

Have a great day!

Tam x

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