Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Interview

So Uni has finished for me and I'm just waiting for my results to be released. Hopefully I'll be able to get a decent average to change courses :)

After Uni had finished, mum has been hassling me to find a job and so over the weekends I've been looking on and found a few jobs that I could do which didnt require any previous experience and had training. And to my surprise, I was offered an interview from one of the jobs I had applied for - Specsavers. It was for an Optical Assistant position (casual/part-time) at Fairfield.

At the interview:
In the room there was the optometrist and the retail manager. Both were very friendly. They had asked me about my current course and whether I was considering of pursuing a different career. They commented on the fact that I was enrolled into uni full-time and that it would be a bit difficult to make rosters for shifts. They then asked me whether I knew about Specsavers and asked why I wanted to work for them and what I could bring to the job. I think overall I think I could've done a lot better so Im pretty sure I wont get the job. The interview was relatively short about 15mins - don't think thats a good sign.They said they would let me know by the weekends or monday. *Fingers crossed*

Happy job hunting!

Tam x

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