Monday, June 3, 2013

Yebisu Izakaya, Sydney

I went to visit this restaurant after reading a post from Grab Your Fork. The decor of the restaurant really does make you feel like you are in Japan! Sorry I didn't take any photos, but you definitely won't miss it when you're heading to Yebisu Izakaya.

You can see a part of Totoro!

I opted to order the Yebisu lunch box to share between 2 (and to see how big the servings were before we ordered more).

As you can see, despite the low quality photos (my humblest apologies!), that we had quite a variety to eat from :D Each dish were equally good. Slightly Pricey but the food tastes goooood :) I think the atmosphere does play a part of it.

Yebisu Lunch Box - $29.80

Grilled beef (Part of lunch box)

Teriyaki Salmon (Part of lunch box)

Tempura (Part of Lunch Box)

Chirashi Sushi (Part of Lunch box)


Pan fried gyoza with ponzu sauce (Don't remember price)
Yebisu Izakaya @ Regent Place
Shop 7-10, Regent Place
501 George Street, Sydney

Opening hours
Lunch 7 days 12pm-3pm 
Dinner Sunday to Thursday 5pm-11pm
Friday to Saturday 5pm-12am 

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