Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trip to Melbourne (July 16-19th 2013)

So I went on a trip with my 3 best girl friends to Melbourne between July 16-19th.

When we arrived at Melbourne airport, we were approached by a man with an accent wearing a suit who asked us whether we were looking for a taxi (which we were). However, he was not working for any taxi company provided by the airport so we denied his services. After checking-in into our apartment, we caught the free tram (number 35) which circles around CBD every 13 minutes (and you don't need to purchase a myki card). We were heading to DFO South Wharf where we spent the rest of our afternoon shopping. It is a lot larger in size in comparison to DFO Homebush in Sydney. There are 3 levels of stores with the top level reserved for furniture and bedding. There are way better sales and a greater variety of stores (Of course because of the larger size). For a quick bite to eat, we stopped by Dumpling Dynasty and got some dumplings. I think they were selling 5 pcs for $5.90.

The skin is thick and tough but it's reasonable considering it is not actually a dumpling specialty store.

We spent about 2 hours at DFO before we had to head off to buy groceries to make dinner.


On the following day we enjoyed our first breakfast in Melbourne at The Hardware Societe. I started off my meal with an Iced Mocha which I found to be sweet but there is a big scoop of ice cream!

Iced Mocha ($5)
Baked eggs with chorizo sausage ($17)
For my main, I ordered Baked eggs with chorizo sausage, paprika spiced tomato concasse and idiazabal ewes milk cheese. I really enjoyed eating this. Good flavours and is quite filling. I think I had like 3 eggs in mine, of which 2 were poached!

Address: 120 Hardware Street, Melbourne


The following day we planned to have a full day of shopping. We went along Bourke street then somehow ended up at Australia on collins and then headed to QV. As we were walking towards QV, we were approached by staff from a hair salon called Millenium. They offered us a package to help promote awareness of their salon which included getting our hair coloured followed by treatment which was for $45 and then a style cut worth $60 ($80 for long hair). It was quite an enjoyable experience. The senior hair dresser who took care of me was very friendly and gave me suggestions on what hairstyle and colour would look good on me, keeping in mind the choice of hair colour I wanted. I was quite pleased with hair cut! I wish I remembered his name (I think it was Daniel) but I was told he had won awards while working in the industry.

Some pictures of performers were bumped into whilst shopping:

Couldn't resist showing this! Soo many cakes!!

For lunch, we visited Roll'd which was on the same level as Millenium. I went for the Roll'd soldiers (rice paper rolls). I ordered tofu and lemongrass pork and prawns and opted for hoisin sauce (you can choose from others available such as nuoc mam and chilli mayonnaise). 

Roll'd Soldiers
Address: 260 Collins Street

Address: 221 Little Lonsdale Street